Have laughs as you ask your friends any of these hilarious riddles, rhRiddle bookymes and conundrums from Australian and New Zealand kids in this 127 page illustrated riddle book.

Illustrated with 30 drawings for kids by famous Australian artist, Max Mannix.

Paperback 127 pages. 130 x 200 x 12mm
Published: Hale & Iremonger 1999, Sydney Australia ISBN 0 86806 664 8

Laughs, Jokes, Animal Antics, Nautical Nonense, Humbugs and Bedbugs, Keys and Coffins. Tease your brain with Witty Word Puzzles.

Read the riddle of how many chickens you can fit into an empty box, why Dracula was hanging around the computers and what the elephant said to the naked man.

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