Gadi Mirrabooka – Australian Aboriginal Tales from the Dreaming – was published in hard cover format in the World Folklore Series 2001, by Libraries Unlimited division of Heinemann. Each book sold will be autographed by author Helen McKay.

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ISBN 1-56308-923-8
Pages: xviii, 135p. + 8p. Color plates, Size: 7×10 inches, hardcover.AQustralian Aboriginal Stories

A unique collection of 33 authentic, unaltered Australian Dreamtime and sacred creation indigenous stories brought to you by three Aboriginal storyteller custodians.

Also information on Australian Geography – The Land – Megafauna –  Flora – Aboriginal People and the Land – Walkabout – Corroboree – Ceremonial Walkabouts – Trade – Transport –  Customs – Aboriginal Art – Storytelling – Totemic System – Arts – Music – Dance – Education – Language –  Recent History –  Early visitors – The European Invasion and Colonization –  The New Dreaming.

This book has been bought by pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and cultural organisations. It is now a classic with children, students, teachers and storytellers.