Aboriginal Story Book

Gadi Mirrabooka – Australian Aboriginal Tales from the Dreaming – was published in hard cover format in the World Folklore Series 2001, by Libraries Unlimited division of Heinemann.

ISBN 1-56308-923-8






About Storytelling is practical and instructive. It advises you how to:
* begin and develop stories, whether told or read aloud
* relate to an audience
* create the best dramatic effect
* deliver a memorable performance.

ISBN 0 86806 652 4



Riotous Riddles

Like storytelling, riddles are able to access the pictures in your mind which help you solve the puzzles they pose. In fact many riddles cannot be solved without using the process of visualisation.

Riddles also teach children to think both logically and laterally – to make new connections and stretch their thinking. They are part of a process called synectics which, from the Greek, means to join together different and irrelevant ideas. Used in this way they can develop both individual and group creativity and problem solving.

ISBN 0 86806 664 8